Enlighten Corporate Life : Why use Corporate Poetry ?

A boost of optimism and creativity to shape the future

The future begins here so write it now.

In a business world that seeks to reinvent itself and find new areas of development both in terms of markets and organization, more and more companies are calling for notions of happiness at work, liberation of talents, virtues of art as a human lever of creativity and inspiration. In France and the US, more and more CEOs are using corporate poetry and Chief Poetic Officers as a new secret weapon (BBC Capital article), both to inspire themselves and to foster creativity .

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Harmony and the Genius Spot of Mankind

A Human Odyssey – The Ink Of The Future presents a collection of Poetic Speeches to design the future. Enter into a world of harmony. Harmony within us, with others, with nature, with religions, inside organizations, with other galaxies, and in the world. Designed a poetic journey, travel into time and space to feel the beauty of the world and of mankind. What is the G Spot, the Genius Spot of Mankind ? Can the future of mankind be poetic ? What does a world of harmony look like ? In our modern societies, how can poetry help us to reconnect to our soul and to the consciousness and awareness of the world, how can it also help contemplate possible horizons in the future ? Discover also the concept of « corporate poetry » to humanize corporations and enlight corporate Life with The Ink of The Future. After the Dead Poet Society, this is the Life Poet Society for a world of harmony tomorrow.