How to innovate responsibly ?

The principle of responsible innovation is already often used in social companies but it is mostly unknown by « classical » companies. However, working on responsible innovation projects stimulates innovation and can open new markets.  

To make it possible, it is necessary that this perspective is integrated upstream from production, from the R&D phases, a department which is too often disregarded by the concerns of society.

So how to generate the positive impact of the company and of the products themselves ?

Social companies are not only trying to transform their way to produce (eco-conception) but they focus on their core business to answer the society issues for the consumers and don’t hesitate to create new purposes for their products.


Thanks to research partnerships, products can be designed to propose ingenious and economical solutions. Some big companies have already succeeded in implementing these strategies with success. For example, Tarkett manages to innovate and focus on its core business to answer to a social issue. In 2060, one-third of people will be over 60 years old. Facing an aging population is also an issue for the public health. Today, the falls are the most important cause of death for people over 65 years old in France : each year, 12 000 people die after a fall.

With this result, Tarkett set up an ambitious program within the research & innovation department. FloorInMotion was born, an intelligent and connected floor, combined with an alerting and monitoring service of abnormal situations. This new product permitted the group to reinforce its area of expertise, recruit new competencies, open a new market and give added value to its offer; all this while answering a major social issue!