The language of innovation : an innovation is an invention that is sold

Innovation is most of the time an objective, like an ambition but not considered as a language. However, the language of innovation does exist. He has one goal : manage to sell ideas, products, that compromise status quo.

It is a brand new language, maybe one of the last languages created by humans. It started with insiders, in Palo Alto area, between garages and lawns, then in auditoriums and investments committees, on stages and now everywhere innovation gather the energies.

He conquered the world by following a major technological leap, comparable to electricity : the microprocessor. What is so original with it ? Moore's law. The one that makes your iPhone has the same power to calculate as mission Apollo landing on the moon... for the price of a telephone ! And tomorrow it will be our fridge and our watch. Now we are in "always-on" innovation.

Its particularity : it's almost the same in every country and every culture. We hear it when a start-up pitch. We hear it when products are launched. We hear it during the big transformation moments in companies. If we can hear it so often, then why learning it ?

To save time, a lot of time. Quickly find the appropriate words, the good questions, the rights images. Go straight to the point. Those who win are the ones who accelerate faster than the others. More than ever, you don't have two occasions to make a good first impression.

When you have understood what is special with the language of innovation, you are ready to take action. The issue becomes a game.

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