Understand the role of emotions in business relationships to get more recommendations

You can be project holder, creator, executive, independent, artisan or associate in a company, it is primordial to count on a solid relational fabric which will generate business. The business recommendation, also called word-of-mouth marketing, the goal is to be recommended by someone of your own network to others, that can be partners, leads, prospects or clients.

However, this virtuous dynamic of networking is far to be automatic and it is mostly governed by EMOTIONS : feeling of confidence, equity, safety, belonging, goodwill… But also the feeling of recognition, sharing values… The human relationships are in reality a lot less rationnal than what we think !

Sean Luzi, speaker and author with editions Dunod, Vice-president of the circle of young entreprises in the expert team of career pole ESCP Europe Alumni, proposes an original reading grid and many operational good practices :

  • What are the mechanisms that underlie the human behaviors ?
  • How to lift emotionnal barriers to business recommendation ?
  • How to generate the desire for recommendation ?
  • How to make a mark on everyone's minds and encourage word-of-mouth ?
  • How to build a growing sense of confidence ?

Many essential questions that Sean Luzi tries to answer during his conference, with clear and precise best practices coming from his analysis and his field experience.  

Mobilisez vos ressources émotionnelles

This book is published in French. Être entrepreneur, c’est relever des défis au quotidien : repousser ses limites, appréhender des situations nouvelles, créer des opportunités tout en faisant face au doute, aux contretemps et aux grandes responsabilités… Or, cette capacité à répondre aux exigences dépend de vos ressources émotionnelles. Ce sont elles qui conditionnent vos succès ou vos échecs. Certes les compétences techniques sont nécessaires, mais elles ne sont pas déterminantes. Dès lors, comment mobiliser ces ressources ? Avec des outils simples et concrets, directement applicables, ce guide opérationnel vous donne les clés pour comprendre les mécanismes émotionnels et comportementaux, et ainsi accroître vos capacités de réussite.