WoMen'Up : The Y generation upgrades gender diversity in compagnies

Promote women's entrepreneurship and lead the Y generation in the transformation of compagnies : This is the objective of WoMen’Up. 

« Equal pay for equal work », this claim is incorporated in the Law but it isn't applied in reality. Indeed, with more highly skilled positions, women annual wage is in average 23% lower than men. If this pay gap is really strong for the 50s over, it fell to 12% for the younger generation. Women have everything to succeed, more qualified than men, they come on the labour market at 19,9, young adult, they had been in the business and less unemployed. However, is wage gap between men and women really caused by discrimination ? 

Deloitte tried to ask this answer by developing a global system based on algorithms, and able to evaluate endogenous factors as explanations for the wage inequality between men and women (age, job, level of responsibility, part-time work, etc.) The results of this study shows that pay inequalities resulting from discrimination represent 5 to 8%. Moreover, compagnies aren’t solely responsible of theses inequalities, educational choices, studies duration, motherhood … All of these structural problems hurt the progression of women. 

The Y generation is at odds with the actual society, and involves actions to transform it. This generation are entrepreneur of their working life. WoMen’up members are men et women, students, workers or entrepreneurs …. They share this new vision of work and want to be actors of this deep organisations and society transformation.