How to innovate responsibly ?

Responsible innovation allows a paradigm shift : it is no longer about reducing negative impact, but rather allow the company to create positive impact for the society and the environment.

Collaborative society, the end of hierarchies ?

This year in France, about 800 million euros worth of rents will be distributed by Airbnb. The normal economy is covetting more and more the sharing one.

Frugal Innovation: how to do more with less

In a world with increasingly limited resources and a growing pursuit of innovation, the principle of Jugaad Innovation seduces the developped countries. In this bestseller, prefaced by Carlos Ghosn, Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu and Simone Ahuja present ingenious solutions to transform constraints into opportunities.

A creative issue resolution facing extreme limits by Navi Radjou

Today, the only unlimited resource is human ingenuity. Developing countries prove that it is possible to innovate without a R&D service. Ingenuity gives the possibility to cleverly solve problems with limited means.

Thinkers 50 awards : and the winner is ... Navi Radjou !

The global ranking of management thinkers T50 rewarded Navi Radjou in London.

The language of innovation : an innovation is an invention that is sold

Innovation is most of the time an objective, like an ambition but not considered as a language. However, the language of innovation does exist. He has one goal : manage to sell ideas, products, that compromise status quo.