4 years to launch a start up, 4 minutes to liquidate it

Stephane Degonde an entrepreneur with varied experiences, has been through the liquidation of his company and decided to analyze the 100 risks every entrepreneur should know to better handle them.

A creative issue resolution facing extreme limits by Navi Radjou

Today, the only unlimited resource is human ingenuity. Developing countries prove that it is possible to innovate without a R&D service. Ingenuity gives the possibility to cleverly solve problems with limited means.

Develop its activity thanks to social medias

Over few years only, social networks have become a major media both professionally and privately speaking. Today, 57% of companies use Facebook, 55% comunicate on Twitter and 45% use LinkedIn...

Thinkers 50 awards : and the winner is ... Navi Radjou !

The global ranking of management thinkers T50 rewarded Navi Radjou in London.

Public speaking : why do media training ?

Public speaking is a delicate exercise. During an interview, a press conference or a presentation in front of your teams, the goal is to convey a clear message, convince and argue efficiently.

The language of innovation : an innovation is an invention that is sold

Innovation is most of the time an objective, like an ambition but not considered as a language. However, the language of innovation does exist. He has one goal : manage to sell ideas, products, that compromise status quo.

What is a freed company ?

The traditionnal, pyramidal, hierarchical company shows its limits in times of crisis : lack of flexibility, innovation etc. facing a continuous supervision. In the research of alternative models, Brian Carney and d'Isaac Getz present a new management principle: the released company.

3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand by Tim Leberecht

A person or a company can no longer control his reputation because of digitalization. Some companies have understood it quickly and integrated it into their strategies.