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Enlighten Corporate Life : Why use Corporate Poetry ?

Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker,and author. Former Microsoft manager he founded A Human Odyssey - The Ink Of The Future. Author of 5 books including "Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind" (a poetic journey into the future), he is also a Journalist for the business newspaper Les Echos. He invented the concepts of "Corporate Poetry", "Prospective Thinking" and the "G-enius Spot".

4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines

In the face of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need a new radical humanism, says Tim Leberecht.

Understand the role of emotions in business relationships to get more recommendations

You can be project holder, creator, executive, independant, artisan or associate in a company, it is primordial to count on a solid relational fabric which will generate business.

Across Antarctica : an incredible achievement

Browse 2045 kilometers in 73 days to ski -50 ° C, here the challenge Stephanie and Jeremie Gicquel have taken up crossing Antarctica via the South Pole from 14th November 2014 to 27th January 2015. They share this crazy experience in images...

How can we make work more meaningful—even magical?

Tim Leberecht, marketing expert, explains that we all underestimate the importance of romance in our lives. Let's have a look at this new vision of the social and emotionnal aspect of work.

Public speaking : why do media training ?

Public speaking is a delicate exercise. During an interview, a press conference or a presentation in front of your teams, the goal is to convey a clear message, convince and argue efficiently.

3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand by Tim Leberecht

A person or a company can no longer control his reputation because of digitalization. Some companies have understood it quickly and integrated it into their strategies.