Idriss Aberkane is an expert in Knowledge Economy, Biomimicry and Cognitive Neurosciences. He held three Ph.Ds at 29-year hold, he was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and he is a famous speaker for his publications on the Knowledge Economy.

  • PhD bidisciplinary in Cognitives Neurosciences and the Knowledge economy. Ecole Polytechnique University Paris Saclay (2016). 

  • PhD in Mediterranean studies and comparative literature. University of Strasbourg (2014). 

  • PhD in Diplomatics and Noopolitics. Diplomatic and Strategic Studies Center of Paris (2013). 

He is a scientific advisor of the SeaOrbiter mission, Ambassador of the Digital campus of Unesco-Unitwin Complexes Systems and an Editorial writer for the newspaper Le Point. In 2009, he creates an agricultural microcredit operator at a zero rate in the valley of the Senegal river, then, with Serge Soudoplatoff, they create an educative video games company.