Our Expertise

Identify and suggest you the talents and the thinkers of tomorrow matching your values and strategic orientations

Associate your brand ponctualy or durably with a celebrity to raise your awareness, credibility, loyalty, to ensure a good listening and resonance in the medias and the social networks. Relevance of the choice, contract security, control and ensure the comittments' respect, accompaniment for a higher satisfaction. We strive to earn your confidence.
Debates moderation, animation of round tables, valuation of events, stimulation and management, preparation of a media exploitation… Approach us to identify the best experts and to manage with them their talk for an optimal efficiency.
According to your strategic brief (topics, problematics, values, objectives…) your guests (clients, collaborators, shareholders, journalists, genral public…) et your constraints (date, place, language, budget) we will recommand a short list of personnalities. After your choice, we contact them, negociate and formalise the comitment.
Beyond their notoriety, their well-known competencies and undeniable legitimacy, the experts that you seek, according to your goals, should demonstrate talents in terms of communication (clarity, charisma, humour etc.). Ask for our help to make the best choice and prepare with them their intervention or collaboration.
Our specialized and experimented coachs and trainers will listen, observe and advise your teams and management by developing their skills, enhancing their potential, their emotional control and motivation. Through their support, our specialists could bring a new dynamism and state of mind to your collaborators.
Choose us as your partner to identify the most adapted expert to your context and goals.

Conferences, forums, round tables

Whatever the pretext or the opportunity to bring clients, prospects or players of the ecosystem together, our teams help you to define the content and to find the speakers.

They advise you to ensure the success of your event like the symposiums, debates, institutionnal ceremony, corporate events, clients or shareholders meetings, launch party, award ceremony etc.

Conférences, Forums, Tables rondes
Séminaires internes et team-building

Internal seminars and team building

To grow and move forward at the same pace as your clients and try to expeed their expectations, to differentiate from the others and build a sustainable territory, to be an agent of change, you must look around, listen to what others do and understand why they do it. But it is also important to reveal the potential and the talent often unattended that exist throughout all levels of the company. Through their testimonials, experiences, ideas and analysis, our specialists will surprise you and bring a new breath, energy and mind spirit to your collaborators.


Our qualified trainers for public speaking and our experienced journalists attuned to the uses and techniques of the audiovisual press (radio and TV), will help your managers and speakers to develop their charisma. Voice, gesture, posture, silence, punctuation, message structuration, but also the understanding of how the media works, decoding their techniques in order to improve their weak points and to exploit the strenghts of their personnality.

Constitution, gestion et animation de groupes d’experts

Constitution, management and animation of experts groups

R&D, Marketing, Lobbying, strategic thinking…
Our teams can help you optimize time and performance. Identification of prospective members, validation of the selection, approach, co-option etc. Planification and animation of work sessions. Recording, debriefing, redaction and validation of the report and syntheses.

Passion et conviction

Passion and Conviction

A team on a human scale, who is available and reactive at each step of your project to help you in a spirit of proximity, and even complicity.

The passion for our work is our motivation. It imposes quality and full satisfaction of our clients, speakers and all the actors mobilized. We are conviced that if you work in a closed circuit you cannot innovate efficiently, it is necessary to be open to new ways of thinking, working, creating and sharing...

Experts network, multidisciplinary and international

This extraordinary potential will never impose us easiness dictating choices that won't be relevant regarding your biddings and expectations. The fact that this speaker has already work with us isn't a sufficient reason to propose him to you but maybe an opportunity to approach someone else, even more valuable and adapted!

Partenariats internationaux
Relation Client et accompagnement

Reliable partnerships

To be able to propose, if needed, in full confidence, a wide range of expertises, our company conclued agreements with different specialized actors, respecting strict rules and criteria of selection related to our values and expectations (reactivity, responsibility and transparency). This capacity of outsourcing, source of savings, comfort and performance, allow us to favor a tailor-made approach closely related to your requirements and preferences.

Competitive watch and sourcing

Our databases are updated daily. A powerful search engine allow our teams to make a quick and relevant selection of speakers for you, based on a multicriteria profiling. A watch service (disruptive news, new trends, innovations, pionnering concept, visionnary analysis) gives to our client a step ahead to guess the expectations and surprise his target. Furthermore, for a selection of promising key themes, the activity monitoring (travels and iterventions planification) of a panel of speakers and international experts, gives us the possibility to notify you about any opportunities to catch.

Veille et sourcing
Ouverture internationale

International opening

Since the beginning, our experts with varied skills, and our clients have pushed us to have a true international opening. Nice obligation that we transformed into ambition : invite in France more and more international public figures who are already famous abroad, promote our expertises beyond our borders, unearth new talents wherever they come from, organize events whatever your projects and publics are.

In order to do so, we continually develop our correspondent network in the main economical capitals in Europe and the rest of the world.

Diversified audiovisual supports

Facing globalization and digitlisation, we always try to diversify thematerials and methods of intervention. Videoconference, multiplex, interactive animations, e-learning, multimedia production, multichannel exploitation… Our internal skills, our partners and tools allow us to offer a large portfolio of solutions to answer your queries, optimize your time and offer to your event the success it deserves.


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