Vincent Avanzi is a Human wealth developer, a speaker and a corporate poet. Globe-trotter, serial entrepreneur and ESCP graduated, he worked many years at Microsoft before leaving to do a world tour that he called "Les 12 Travaux des Reculs de l'Art de Vivre Ensemble" and founded "Une Odyssée Humaine - La Plume du Futur".

Today, he performs in French and in English in all kind of public and B2B events on "corporate poetry". Through participative poetic travels and team building seminars, he helps the participants to find their path and on the awakening of human wealth (creativity, innovation, leadership, self-confidence and team spirit). The poetry is an optimism impetus to the future and a revelation tool on your skills zone to serve the company between collective intelligence and creative energy.

Author of several books, including Sur la Route de Soi, Le Bien-Etre Plan des Entreprises and Edendorado, he also does poetic recaps to close seminars and convention with poems. Finally, he facilitates keynotes and round-tables as a master of ceremonies.

Speaker, practitioner in Appreciative Inquiry, resident artist at l'Institut des Futurs Souhaitables, facilitator at CAPgemini, he collaborates with CAC40 companies, SMB, the CCI, Companies forums, the MBA of HEC, TEDxParis, the Fabrique Spinoza, the COP21 and other change makers.