Design Fiction play with the futures

The best way to foresee the future, is to build it out. Or at least to imagine and play it. Design fiction is a new method more and more used by companies to model and test their futures, as well as to help managers make better decisions for the future. Projecting is helping to make decisions for tomorrow.

If compagnies could imagine what they would be in twenty or thirty years, they could better foresee their needs to achieve their goals. Martin, Nicolas and Gregory help compagnies to model visions of their future in order to make it more present and more participative. Design fiction uses the imaginaries of science-fiction and the modeling of some credible versions of the future. Using models thus helps strategic decision making in order to orient themselves towards desirable and unsubjected scenarios.

Also science-fiction seems to be a powerful tools to explore some hypothesis, sometimes crazy, sometimes credible, but always useful to challenge realistic ideas.

Alternating between theoretical contributions and implementation times, participants end up with several tools to apprehend futures and concrete understanding or design fiction as an innovation method. Finally, a period of reflection is schedule in order to identify the different ways to use the method to project oneself into the future of one’s activity.