In this really good interview by Martin Finn at LinkedIn Talent Solutions, Tim Leberecht talks about his career aspirations as a child, his passion for football but mainly, he shares three concrete principles to foster our humanity and build a beautiful business in an age of machines and Artificial Intelligence.

Tim emphasizes the importance of radical humanism in a business world where the main focus is on data. Indeed, Executives basically believe that data is the truth and the more data you have, the better your decisions. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, automation, algorithmic marketplaces and exponential technology in the work place, human, inherenty human aspects will become more valuable.

Leaders have to create space for intuition, creativity, imagination, and emphaty. All the things that —at this point at least— only humans can do.

Artificial Intelligence is not going to replace humans, not immediately, but it will very likely replace humans who cannot work with AI. So we have to embrace this technology, acquire those skills and begin to work and cooperate with AI. By this way, those aspects of ourselves that are inherently human, empathy, imagination, creativity, artistic thinking, will become more precious.

According to Tim, if you are agile, emotionally agile, if you are able to reinvent yourself, if you’re not limited to one specific task, then the future might look good for you.