COVID-19 confirms that we are inexorably entering an era of complexity characterized by increased economic unpredictability, tectonic demographic and technological change, and uncontrollable health and ecological crises. Adversity has become the new norm. When you face adversity, you either throw in the towel quickly or continue to fight the problem. But what if you could transcend this instinctive “fight or flight” reaction and discover a third “wise” path that would allow you to see adversity as an opportunity for personal and collective growth?

Drawing on his 20 years of research and consulting on “transformative resilience” and his two bestsellers on Jugaad and frugal innovation, Navi Radjou will show you how you can turn adversity into your ally and catalyze the ingenuity, intuition, and empathy of all your collaborators to co-create revolutionary solutions that bring incredible value to you, society, and the planet.

By adopting the new mindset and the 6 key principles identified by Radjou, you will become a modern alchemist, capable of turning adversity into opportunity. An extraordinary talent that will not only enable you to survive the current health crisis but will help you to position yourself as an undisputed leader in the “conscious society” that will emerge post-COVID-19.