Vers une société frugale et consciente: un défi existentiel pour les entreprises

For the first time in human history, all nations of the world are facing a systemic crisis that is at once economic (disparity of wealth), social (gender inequalities, exclusion of minorities), ecological (climate change), political (mistrust of government) and existential (lack of meaning at work and in our privacy).

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Our selection of speakers to approach 2020 with optimism, creativity and inspiration

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Design Fiction play with the futures

The best way to foresee the future, is to build it out. Or at least to imagine and play it. Design fiction is a new method more and more used by companies to model and test their futures, as well as to help managers make better decisions for the future. Projecting is helping to make […]

In this really good interview by Martin Finn at LinkedIn Talent Solutions, Tim Leberecht talks about his career aspirations as a child, his passion for football but mainly, he shares three concrete principles to foster our humanity and build a beautiful business in an age of machines and Artificial Intelligence.

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The creation of robots whose intellectual capacities would surpass those of humans currently invites the entire scientific community to consider the future of humanity. If they calculate, read, write and analyze faster than we do, are robots even smarter? According to Navi Radjou and Prasad Kaipa, intelligence is not only about the ability to perform […]