Passionate about neuroscience, biology, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, geopolitics, the young researcher seems to devour all the knowledge available to him. Indeed, Idriss Aberkane is an expert in the Knowledge Economy, bio-mimicry and cognitive sciences. Holder of three doctorates from the age of 29, affiliated researcher at Stanford University, he is a speaker worldwide known for his work on the Knowledge Economy.

  • Bidisciplinaty Doctor in Cognitive Neurosciences and Knowledge Economy. Ecole Polytechnique University Paris Saclay University (2016).
  • Doctor in Mediterranean Studies and Comparative Literature. University of Strasbourg (2014).
  • Doctor in Diplomacy and Noopolitics. Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques de Paris (2013).

He is scientific advisor to the SeaOrbiter mission, ambassador of the Digital Campus of Unesco-Unitwin Complex Systems and editorialist for the newspaper Le Point. In 2009, he created a zero rate agricultural microcredit operator in the Senegal River Valley, then, with Serge Soudoplatoff, an educational video game company, Scanderia.

Concerned about transmitting his knowledge and making the results of his research accessible to as many people as possible, he is the author of several books, including Libérez votre cerveau! Traité de neurosagesse pour changer l’école et la société (Robert Laffont, 2016) a more recent one titled L’Âge de la connaissance: Traité d’écologie positive (Robert Laffont, 2018).

Unclassifiable, tireless, atypical, this consultant travels around the world to give conferences and ask fundamental questions that shake up many things on the intellectual level.


  • Biomimicry
  • Innovation
  • Cognitive Sciences


  • English
  • French


Nature is brilliant, let’s copy it

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Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence ?

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The Knowledge Economy

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