We’re leaving the industrial economy. The old logic in business is expiring, and a new set of ground rules are emerging.

Any company or organization will need to rethink what it means to remain fit for a new reality of digital opportunities, rapid carbon reduction and a very different set of challenges and needs.

Peter Hesseldahl helps companies navigate the changes ahead, mapping the main trends and drivers, identifying patterns and challenging conventional business models.

Peter Hesseldahl is an experienced futurist with an exceptionally broad perspective and long experience in both journalism, strategic forecasting as well as innovation research.

As an in-house futurist, Hesseldahl has worked with foresight, scenarios and strategy in Lego Visionlab and Danfoss, and consulting for major companies like Novo Nordisk and Shell.

Hesseldahl has led research projects in think tanks, mainly focused on innovation in China and Asia, as well as on frugal innovation, circular economy, sharing economy and the digital platform economy.

As a journalist Peter Hesseldahl has communicated the latest trends and insights in science and technology to a wider audience in television, radio and print.

Today, Hesseldahl is the editor of digital transformation at the distinguished Danish business magazine Mandag Morgen – based in Copenhagen.

Hesseldahl is the author of six books, the latest is “We-economy – beyond the industrial logic”.


  • Strategic forecasting and scenarios
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Transformation


  • English
  • Danish

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AI and machine learning, Internet of things, Virtual and augmented reality, Synthetic biology… What are the most important trends and drivers of change, how do they fit together, what are the challenges that existing organisations face, and how do mindsets and business models need to adjust in order to thrive?

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Where do you want to be in ten years? Scenarios are a powerful process for creating a shared understanding of the future of an organisation. Creating scenarios is a strategic exercise, and a method to systematically discuss and explore possible futures. Cooperating to create scenarios is a way to develop a shared language for the opportunities and challenges that an organisation is facing.

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A number of new concepts point to an economy which go beyond the industrial economy’s focus on mass production, linear value chains, and stand-alone products.

Put briefly, the future economy is characterized by 5 C’s: It’s connected, co-created, coordinated, customized and carbon neutral. Digital platforms, Circular economy, Sharing economy and Behavioural economics are examples of new approaches that can be used to create to new types of value and new growth.

But to benefit and thrive in the post-industrial economy, companies must organise themselves and the way they create value in radically different ways.

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